Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Good morning. We were up about eight and got organized for lunch out with Paula, Pam and Jeremy. But, here are the pictures from our visit to Jeremy's yesterday. 

Jeremy made an investment nearly a year ago. The house was built in 1940.  
He's close to finishing the kitchen ... there's plenty to be done but the property has good potential. 
Jeremy crafted a table to match his kitchen countertops with granite. It'll seat 6 when needed. 
Paula at the new sink ... really unique! It has a basin, colander, cutting board ... all of which are removable for a huge basin when needed! 

Back at our RV we toasted to Jeremy's achievements. 
That was yesterday ... 

Paula, Pam and Jeremy picked us up at 12:30 to go to the Sierra Nevada brewery near Fletcher. It's a really amazing place. We had lunch and beer and walked around a bit.
Jeremy took our picture on the 2nd floor boardwalk above the copper kettles. 
Having lunch at Sierra Nevada. 
Paula, Mark, me, Jeremy and Pam. Cheers! 

We came home about 3 and watched "The Long Long Trailer" ... a hilarious spoof on early RVing starring Lucy & Desi. 
Danny stopped by at 5:30 for a short visit to drop Jackson off for dinner with us.  We went for Chinese/Japanese buffet. 

Jackson preferred to go home and play on his computer rather than hang out with the adults. Pam and Paula took him home so Mark and I are having a little quieter evening than usual. It's TV time. Ta Ta. 

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