Friday, July 8, 2016

Another Dark Day in America ... July 8, 3016

Good morning. It was painful to turn on the news this morning and hear that five Dallas police officers were killed in the line of duty while protecting the rights of citizens to protest in a peaceful manner. The story will undoubtedly unfold as the day wears on, but at the root is evil hatred in America. It makes one wish for artificial intelligence ... take the human equation out of law enforcement. Robocop ... it will happen ... and then we'll be united; humans against A.I.  

Egad, that was deep. Well OK then. It's still hot here because it's July, and because the Bermuda high moved over the Florida peninsula where it will stay until next Monday. Mark and I were up at seven to get our outdoor things done before the extreme heat of the day. I began the dreaded laundry (pile) while he went to Lowes (more exciting) and bought two big outdoor blinds for the southside of our Sunroom.
You can see the already see the difference with one blind installed! 

The blinds can be rolled up easily during Florida's "winter" ... if we want. 

Randy and Dawn phoned about 11 o'clock. They found a 14,000 BTU room air conditioner on sale at Walmart for $378 ... a good price! Our two 10,000 BTU Sharp A/C units were about $500 ... 10 years ago.  Anyway, we decided on happy hour here about 4 o'clock and Guadalajara for Mexican dinner afterwards. 

Projects done ... appies ready ... Partay time ... always lots of laughs with RanDawn! Mz Bee got her snuggle time and both doggies had crackers. Haha. At 6 we left for Guadalajara for supper. 
We all had our wits scared out of us when the hostess plopped the sombrero on Mark's head and the entire staff sang happy birthday ...
and Dawn screamed! LOL
It was such a fun evening! Dinner was great too!

Tonight, both Scotties on my lap ... snuggle-buggle time! Ta Ta. 

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