Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bowl-Day ... July 17, 2016

Hi y'all ... we're up and out of the house by noon! LOL
Happy 15th Birthday to dear Percy-Man! Gettin' old ain't for sissies, humans nor dogs! Imagine the policing this Westie has done between Bonnie's "rescue" years and Scottie breeding years. You da man Percy! 

Bonnie and Roger have been hard at work painting the front porch columns of her 1921 Craftsman cottage. 

Before ...

After ... 
Wowsa! What a difference! Great job! 

Also, Bonnie doesn't have a drop of paint on her ... 
Amazing ... (I really get into the paint.)

Meanwhile, at the lanes, it was challenging bowling for me. Finally, the 3rd game I broke 100 ... but Mark was on fire with games in the 170's and 183. Our new bowling friends arrived as we began our final game ... but they're too professional for the likes of us. LOL. Mark felt we'd burnt 3 calories each so took us for Wendy's Frosties!

Randy and Dawn are on their way to South Florida for Randy's dental appointment tomorrow. They will get a visit with Greg and Sue ... and maybe a bowling challenge too! 

Lynn & Lew invited us for a swim and dinner ... so we poured a drink and took a dunk. Since Mark had already made us chicken tortilla soup, we declined dinner. (Lew said Lynn needed to "calm down" as she has work tomorrow.) LOL ... Mark and I bring the "partitude!" Haha. 

It's time to chill and watch TV ... you know, the insult volley that our politicians are so enjoying ... 

Ta Ta til tomorrow!

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