Saturday, July 2, 2016

Birthday Shoppin' ... June 2, 2016

Good day! Everybody slept in til 9 and birthday (month) guy til 10. (Some days the bed is more comfy than other days!) Then, breakfast done, I took Marky clothes shopping at Florida's Beall's store. (They have a great men's casual clothing selection geared for our lifestyle. The sales were good ... and we saved more than we spent. (How does that work?) LOL ... Plus we have $20 in Beall's bucks!

Back home, we all had chicken and veggie straws for lunch ... yep, Robs & Beez too! 

RanDawn went to a friend's wedding today at nearby Fisherman's Wharf ... 130 expected!

SuWane have Ron, Penny, Kyle, Gavin & Cody visiting for the long weekend. Congrats to Kyle for attaining his Pleasure WaterCraft license! (It's not an easy test!) Kyle and Gavin are staying the whole week at the cottage. Happy fishing! (We miss seeing the boys.) 
Sue took a proper picture of their updated boathouse for us to enjoy. The stained glass windows look beautiful! Next summer ... 

BonRoge are in OKC for the Summer Classic All-Breed Dog show. (I think Cabby & Ella are strutting their stuff ... and we (auntie and uncle) already know they're winners!) Muah!

In the UK, my cousin Alex graduates university this month and his long-term girlfriend Courtney heads home to New Mexico. 
I wonder how long it will take for Alex to obtain a visa? 

Mark's sister Pam is recovering from foot surgery. Here she's looking gorgeous with her two grandchildren in Chicago. 
Hunter and Grandma Pam

And with Granddaughter Avery. Sweet!

We had an at home afternoon with the Scotties ... raw hide treats and playtime. Tonight, Mark made spaghetti and (excellent) meat sauce! Yum. So that was our fun day. A NASCAR race is on tonight ... so Ta Ta. 

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