Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Rocking Rabbits ... July 20, 2016

Good morning. It's going to be a hectic day around here. Plenty to do!  After the morning routine, I have lunch at the Rocking Rabbit in Mount Dora with "the girls."  Woohoo. 

Mark is adding lights around our RV's steps ... flashy purple rope lights, and lubricating everything. We haven't used it for a few months ... better safe than like last year's "trip from hell." 

The enormous Rocking Rabbit ... 
is very cute! Flo offered to get on his back for a pic but we hadn't gotten our food yet. LOL. Everything was good ... but no one sampled the homemade beer! (Too early?) A relatively new addition to our group is Deenna. I love hearing how folks find our area of Florida. When Deenna retired 12 years ago she bought a brand-new 40' diesel pusher, an American Coach, and all alone learned to handle it including towing her car went on a 10 year RV trek. Awesome! After 10 years solo (this part is great) she wound up buying a house with her 1st husband after his 2nd marriage failed. LOL. Now THATS a story! 

So that's it for today! Here's a laugh complements from Sue! 

Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

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