Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bunco ... July 23, 2016

Good morning! It was a beautiful start to our day. There was organizing of food for our trip ... batches of dog food to cook and turning on the RV fridges. Yes, we have 2 ... one for food and one for booze. LOL. Mark made a trip to the liquor store for some Gin and Scotch. (When it's hot I enjoy a Gin & diet Tonic!) Wayne swears by Gin for stomach aches. (I should have remembered that after eating the raw carrot two weeks ago! I suffered 2 days!)
Dr Oz agrees! Who knew? (Er, Wayne!)

Bunco at Cindy's was a blast ... I was nearly the big loser which was a $40 prize (but it went to Rose.) Lynn's guest Nancy had the most Buncos (9) and won $60 ... and the most games won was split between Lynn & Carin, $20 each. There was plenty of food ... and wine ... a good combo with our crowd. 

Back home, Mark had put grocery away and watched Hillary's VP nominee and was totally impressed with Tim Kaine. He recorded it for me. Nice. There's hope for our nation! 
BeeZee likes Hillary's choice ... she couldn't keep her eyes off Tim Kaine! LOL

Sue and Wayne had a good evening at ZigZag Yacht Club last night. They went in style on their newly refinished Windsorcraft. 
It looks like new! 

We called Rod and Shay at happy hour to yak. They're excited to be coming to visit us next month. And we're looking forward to seeing them! 

Well, we're nearly packed. It'll be interesting to see if we end up going late tomorrow, or Monday morning. We often get excited and jump the gun on RV trips. LOL

Ta Ta till tomorrow. 

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