Wednesday, July 13, 2016

OMG ... July 13, 2016

Good morning! Randy and Dawn arrived about 1015, ready to go to Thomas's funeral with us. Of course it was all very nice, and we had lunch there and then came home, poured wine and sat down to watch a movie. It was Black Mass, a story about Whitey Bulger.  Johnny Depp starred ... 2015, so very current. (Great!)

After the movie, Randy offered to buy supper. We decided on Puddle Jumper's but poured another drink instead of rushing out. Just as we were about to go, Mark mentioned the new ring toss game on our back patio. He demonstrated, then Randy tried ... but it took Dawn to get the ring on the hook. (Beginners luck!) Yay!  We left about 6 for dinner!
At Tavares ... Puddle Jumper's

Puddle Jumper's had $1 draft and $2 wine! We're in!!!  LOL. Fish Tacos, Mahi Sandwich, Buffalo Wings & a Steakburger ... with Caesar salads all 'round!  Afterwards, we walked to the Sandbar to listen to music ... two musicians from Nashville ... then met up with Randy & Linda from the Hideaway bar. LOL. 

Date Night ... Sand Bar & music

82 & Breezy! Lake Dora in the background. 

Friends from the Hideaway, Linda and Randy arrived just as we were getting ready to leave. So, this meant another round.
More fun & antics ... with music!

Randy ... misbehaving or wishing! LOL. It was a fun night ... home by 1030. 

Ta Ta. 

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