Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Marky ... July 6, 2016

Happy Birthday to youuu! Muah!

We were up early to enjoy the cool morning air as it's forecast to be 5 degrees hotter than our usual July heat! (Yesterday wasn't too bad as there was a stiff breeze.)

Mark had another "date" with Bealls ... we had $20 in "Beall's Bucks" plus $5  from RanDawn and a 20% off coupon! Hey, ya gotta shop on your birthday! Right? Mark got two shirts for $1.50. Haha. Awesome!

This afternoon, we both stayed inside and hid from the sun. Somehow, the Bermuda high that generally sits off Florida's east coast is sitting smack-dab over our peninsula! This generally keeps us reasonably cool with afternoon rainstorms. We are 5° over normal and expected to be until next Monday. OMG we're going to run out of indoor stuff to do. LOL!!!  We'll pick up a pool for the doggies to play in. I don't know if they'll use it, but maybe? Right now, BZ is enjoying sitting on the sofa and gazing out the living room window. It's now 86° and we came back from our evening walk ... The Scotties are hot. Of course Mz BeeZee had to chase every squirrel she saw! The poor things were laying in the grass trying to cool down. I've been putting out ice water for the birds and the squirrels today. Yes Scott I can hear you laughing. ;-)

I wanted to take Mark for dinner tonight but he felt like being home tonight and cooking chicken, baked potatoes and having a salad. So that's what we had. Will do a birthday dinner out later this week. Speaking of cooking, Rod and Shay phoned for Marky's birthday and said they are preparing meals for their visit here in August. LOL. We are certainly looking forward to seeing them and ... eating Shay's Chili Relenos! 

At my cousins home in Australia, Elliott's in charge of dog training while Mel is in the UK. 
I wonder if Monty is ruling the house by now? He sure is sweet! Mel told me that Monty thinks Elliott is his mum! LOL. Elliott calls him "pupper" ... like we used to call Shiloh. 

At Sue and Wayne's cottage, Kyle and Gavin are getting along well with Shorty Hot Pants! (Yes, Julius is there too. But everyone gets along with Julius.) 
The boys are growing up so fast and are very handsome! When Kyle was fishing on the dock, the picnic table set was wobbly. Sue heard much sawing and hammering and walked down to the dock after two hours to check the rebuilding progress. 
Ha ha ha. It looks like Wayne, Kyle and Gavin have a puzzle on the go! 

At Bonnie and Roger's house in Tulsa Oklahoma, the painting job is coming along beautifully.
I'll post more pictures later.

Well that's it for today. I'm going to play a game of FreeCell solitaire and watch Ancient Aliens. 

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