Monday, July 18, 2016

MONday ... July 18, 2016

Hello ... what's up? Well, Mark pulled the RV out for washing ... and eventual loading. Woohoo! Me? Some sewing ... some packing ... and tidying my craft room.

I must find this print for both Bonnie and me. Isn't it the cutest?

Well, all that was planned before I got the link from my friend Timichael to watch Ed Fouche talk about our secret-NATO-crypto UFO technology. I was glued to my iPhone screen! 

Well, as Mark mentioned, it hasn't rained often during the day. But, because we hauled the RV out and wanted to work on it, it rained. LOL ... So we napped for an hour! In March, when we last put the RV into it's port, we hit the side of the house with the RV's awning. Well, today Mark fixed. Of course it was 93° in the sun! But, it's fixed and good as new. He's the man! 

I worked on our "House" photo album today, reorganizing and labeling the changes we've done to the house since 2000. There have been a lot of changes, not even the doors are in the same location. LOL

Mark cooked a good batch of spaghetti sauce ...
Yum! Just as we finished dinner, our doorbell rang with an usual chime, one we'd never heard before! Mark went to the door, but no one was there! Ooo ... spooky! (Maybe new batteries are in order?)

Look at the gorgeous blue sky in the UK ... Miles took a selfie with his dad and mom at the Latitudes Festival. 
Looking great ... 

But we prefer this hat on Alastair! 
Flo joined the fun ... pink dyed sheep and all. 

That was our Monday!

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