Friday, July 1, 2016

Canada Day ... July 1, 2016

From sea to shining sea will be parades, picnics and patriotism! 

Growing up in Canada, my parents took us for a day's boat ride down the Red River with a picnic lunch. Friends were on board and of course, flags everywhere! So to our wonderful Canadian pals ... enjoy!

This morning, after regular chores, it was dog grooming day, clippers included. Ha. Robbie runs and hides when he sees everything set up! 
Robbie & Belize ... Florida Scotties. 
Cookies were involved in this picture. LOL

Mark tweaked his back while setting up the grooming table. He used ice and Light Relief but so far his back is still sore. Unfortunately, we had to cancel seeing the fireworks with Randy and Dawn. Mark wouldn't be able to get around very well. So, it was dinner at home and it evening of TV. We did watch a good movie by the name of "The Gift" ... a bit freaky too. 

The Olympic trials are on now and good TV as well. But, for my money, Ancient  Aliens is on. So Ta Ta til tomorrow!

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