Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pot Pie Saturday ... July 9, 2016

Good morning! Are you as horrified by "the news" as I am? It's time to lighten up ... 

Hey, it's not a bad idea. Yesterday, we were talking about the "Seabreeze" drink that Roddy bamboozled Randy with 20 some years ago. (Randy remembered they looked like Aqua Velva aftershave.) LOL. After much discussion he remembered Blue Curaco was one of the ingredients! We phoned Roddy, but unfortunately he and Shay were out, or just didn't answer the darn phone. Haha. The entire gist of the conversation was that Randy wants to bamboozle Roddy next month when they come to visit. (We're thinking watermelon Jell-O shots!)

After reading online comments, one valid recommendation was to dry the (scooped out) watermelon with paper towels before pouring in your Jell-O mixture. This ensured the gelatin mixture will stick to the watermelon. (At our Yaya's party, we cut each slice into three triangles and they were still pretty strong. LOL

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, what's there to be upset about? Nada! Life is Good. (I was more than a little shocked when I learned Bonnie was at a Dallas hotel for a dog show and heard the gun shots that killed the police officers!) 

Dawn called this morning to invite us for homemade chicken pot pie. We readily accepted having heard how delicious they are! When we arrived at 6:30, the pies were in the oven and the two of them were exhausted. It was a lot more work than they had remembered. LOL. We began the evening with some Apple Crown drinks. 
Randy was horrified that Mark found the Crown stash. Heehee. 

Mark went looking for the regular Crown Royal, the bottle was ... 
WTF? Who puts a bottle away with a half a shot?

After the delicious dinner of cob on the knob, chicken pot pies and a bottle of wine, we started a game of Mexican Dominoes. Well that's when the fun really began. Just about everyone knows that we call Dawn "crash boom bang" and she didn't fail us tonight for laughs. 

Randy poured Dawn a drink after she had fixed her own, but from "the wrong bottle!"  So, he got up and fixed her another one in a fresh glass. But, look at the goofy glass!  Both Mark and I said "you're not giving that glass to "crash boom bang" are you???"
LOL ... Dawn attempted to pick it up ...
and spilt half the drink. We all started laughing so hard that our sides were aching!
Randy mopped up and poured her another drink ... 

In a more appropriate container. LOL
The blender pitcher work just fine. LOL. As you can imagine, the hooting and laughing continued for a long time!!!

Randy was the big winner at Mexican dominoes tonight with a score of 110. No, it wasn't a record, but it was a darn good score considering the other three were over 300. Wowsa!

It was definitely a fun night and we headed home about 11 o'clock with two potpies for our dinner tomorrow. YEEHAW. 

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