Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July ... 2016

Happy 4th ... America's 240th birthday celebration! We're going to a private party at Carol & Richard's in the Scottish Highlands neighborhood! It's going to be 94 for a high today. 

So, good morning. I was up by 8, Mark by 9:30. It seemed not even the Scotties were in a hurry to go outside. It was lovely this morning  ... in the shade. But BeeZee does not understand the concept of shade! She chases lizzies while Robbie relaxes ... in the shade. Hence, they aren't out for more than a couple of minutes. They had their first real walk of the day at 10:30 with Mark. 

Carol and Richard had about 40 people for their Fourth of July party. Poor Richard was cooking on the barbecue in the 95° heat. Many were sitting on the porch and outdoor patio, but there were plenty of us in the (A/C) house too! We met quite a few from the Villages and Lady Lake, other friends of Carol's. There was a hot chip dip with RoTel tomatoes and probably cheese that I was attracted to. I wish I could've found the recipe. Delicioso! There were masses of food, chicken, pork, sausages and hotdogs on the barbecue. We left at five to go home and feed the dogs and get ready for dinner at Randy and Dawn's at seven. 

Robbie and BeeZee were thrilled when they got leashed for a car ride! Randy & Dawn cooked a nice birthday dinner for Mark! 
Drinking "Wayne-worthy Wine" ... and photo-bombed by Dawn. LOL. We started with Randy's homemade shrimp bisque soup ... then teriyaki chicken, rice and grilled asparagus. What a take! 
Teriyaki chicken hot off the BBQ. Yum!

Mark opened gifts of a neat rounded plastic blade salad and vegetable chopper and wick-dry white and gray shirt. Sweet. What a birthday month he's having! 

Driving home just after 10 we saw the sky lit with sheet lightening and fireworks! At home, we watched the Boston Pops with Scotties on our laps. It was a very good day. Ta Ta.  

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