Thursday, July 21, 2016

Packin' ... July 21, 2016

Hello earthlings! (Yeah, I've been watching Ancient Aliens again.) So many government officials from G8 countries joined the uncloaking process ... Canada's Paul Hellyer ... Britian's Nick Pope ... China's Sun Schill ... U.S. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin; well, you get the picture. Fascinating. Exciting! Where's Mork when we need him? LOL

Aside from that, I have packing to do. Mark plans to finish the boat slip today and tidy up from that job. I gathered the pile of goodies I'd sorted for our Humane Society store, so he's dropping that off on the way to Lowes. Sweet guy! 

Last night, Bonnie sent me a sketch that Roger did of our boy Robbie.
I think Roger captured him perfectly. Although, here's Robbie's "at home" pose. 
LOL ... laying under the Livingroom ceiling fan. Air it out Robs! 

Mark had a sore back so had to lay low today. After my jobs ... it was mani/pedi time and now I'm ready to travel. :-)

Our pal Jim responded to (my) Tuesday's political rant. He made a point in Donald's favor. We'll continue to watch the Republican convention ... then Hillary at the Democratic convention ... and the debates. Meanwhile, Mark thinks Canada's border patrol would be more cost effective than Trump's wall. 

It was a rainy afternoon ... so Mark and I played Mexican Dominoes ... and he won! It was fun. 

Randy is having a boys weekend away with pal Dan. They have tickets to a ball game. Dawn plans a weekend with her grandchildren. Fun!

We watched "The Great Outdoors" ... an old John Candy movie and drank wine. It was a good evening. Ta Ta. 

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