Friday, July 29, 2016

FRIDAY, July 29, 2016

Good morning world from beautiful Asheville North Carolina where it's been hotter than usual ... perhaps we dragged this airmass with us from Florida? We've been having FUN with family! (Right now, our washer is on the 2nd load ... and one in the dryer!) ;-)

The Scotties have enjoyed seeing their aunts and uncles ... 

BeeZee with uncle Jeremy. 

Beez and Robs watching ... for cats 'n rats 'n elephants (or anything!)

Mark's backache continues to plague him. >:-( ... Advil to the rescue! (We forgot the trusty Biofreeze at home.) 

Dinner at the Moose Cafe was great! Marshall was still working, so we took a meal home for him. Jackson wanted sweet tea ... and finally we gave in and let him enjoy one. Haha. Danny's had him on a diet ... and Jackson's lost 40 lbs already. 

Pam, Jackson, me, Mark and Savannah with the moose. 

We came back to the RV afterward and Savannah opened baby gifts from Paula. 

She loved the dozens of onesies ... bibs ... hats ... blankets ... socks etc from Paula. 

Pam's staying with us tonight ... and, lucky her, Ancient Aliens is on. LOL

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