Sunday, July 24, 2016

Loaded! July 24, 2016

Good morning. We're all packed up and loaded. Mark took our housesitting list to Lew; we know our home is in good hands! (Ha ha. I just reread that line and saw that we are loaded. Some days that could be true, but today I just mean that the RV is loaded.) 
Wheeee ... Yes, the Scotties are ready to have fun too! 

Randy and Dawn phoned about 230. He had just arrived from Cincinnati. "Never again!" ... is what I heard. LOL ... I guess that weekend with the guys didn't live up to the hype!  They're coming over for a wine and then we're going to Stavros for supper! 

Bonnie manages to train the rascals ... but Robbie has retrained BeeZee who now ignores us, just like he does; unless treats are involved. LOL. I guess WE were the trainable ones! 

RanDawn arrived about 4:30 for happy hour. Beez climbed onto the sofa's armrest next to Randy. She's so cute.  Randy had us all in fits of laughter about his trip from hell. One guy, who shall remain nameless, pooped his pants before they even got on the plane, and "no one" wanted to tell him because it would hurt his feelings. WTF? THAT would have caused me enough concern to head back home immediately! Randy persevered! LOL. On the airplane a wee (black) boy looked over the seat at Randy and said, "DADDY!" Randy cranked his head around so fast he heard his neck crunch! Well, D** heard the wee boy and thought it hilarious ... so everyone heard!  Finally at their Cincinnati hotel, Poupee changed his clothes and they all went to dinner. The same guy snored so loudly that Randy's friend D** yelled at Randy to wake Poupee pants to tell him he was snoring! (OMG I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for this party.) Randy was feeling so lousy with neck pain and taking pain pills that he didn't have a drink. The next day, although Randy still was not feeling well they all readied for D**'s family reunion party.  Another member of D**'s family showed up with a very bad front tooth so horrid that Randy said it would've looked better if it was just missing! Ha ha ha. That same person drank so much that he forgot to take his pants down when he went to the men's room. You can imagine the outcome of that. Randy was horrified and wished he had never gone on the trip! There was still another day to unfold. Karma got D** that day when he went to the bathroom and slammed into a waiter with a tray of ice water ... that went all over the front of his pants! By the time Randy told us all the antics, the three of us were in stitches and Randy was holding his head in his hands! 

After dinner, a rainbow! 

Ta Ta til tomorrow!

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