Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday, July 22, 2016

Good morning from sunny Central Florida. I'm a little slow moving today having stayed up late to watch the Republican convention. Mark, on the other hand, was smart and went to bed early. As a result, I'm stumbling around 730 getting a DSO while he's working in the boat house already. LOL

And, while we were sleeping on this side of the Atlantic, my cousin, Alex Tawns, graduated from University of Northampton.  
Congratulations Alex! Well done! (Hey, you look like the guy on the wall.) LOL

Tawns siblings ... L-R Patrick, Connie, Alex, Flo, Miles & Elliott. 
What a fab looking bunch! How terrific to get them all on the same continent and in one place! 
Now that's a happy face Alex!

Well, I began my day fact checking some of the things Donald Trump talked about last night. Well, I found a lot of them ... and here are a few:

Another lie that we got under my skin was about Hillary wanting to abolish the Second Amendment. All the Democrats are asking for is a ban on assault rifles which no one needs for hunting! The Democrats also want anyone on the no-fly list to be banned from buying a gun! But, here's what Trump said:
Hillary Clinton chooses Senator Kaine for her VP running mate at the Democratic National convention. I'll be watching closely. 

Sue and Wayne went to Zigzag Yacht Club tonight for a party with friends. (They're enjoying a heat wave!)

So, Randy is now in Cleveland for the baseball games, Dawn is babysitting, and Mark and I are going to dinner, just the two of us. 

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