Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bowling ... July 10, 2016

Good Sunday morning! It was cool enough to enjoy the front porch for a bit. Two squirrels were in the Crepe Myrtle tree eating peanuts from our bird feeder. That entertained Robs and Beez while I did my birdbath chores. Mark, meanwhile  drank coffee and watched yesterday's NASCAR race. 

We were both still giggling from last night's craziness when we got up. 
Randy and Dawn are a perfect pair! Both gregarious with a topping of nuttiness! Muah!

Randy had the "shed" delivered ...
so there's the task of shelving to be done this week. It'll have to be early mornings! Where's Scott when he's needed? 

Yesterday I heard from our Oklahoma pal Timichael. He's been busy working with nose to the grindstone. Hopefully the next court date will bring him some much needed relief ... divorce and eventually selling the millionaire-row home. He's kept himself going by dreaming of living on a 50' catamaran somewhere in the Caribbean. The real reason he called was to share his excitement over "Mysterious Nine" on our fav show! LOL

It was just a perfect day for bowling. Mark and I went and, next to us, was a couple we met at Carol and Richard's Fourth of July party! Linda and Ron said they go most every Wednesday night. Maybe will see them again. Ron made a suggestion to me that obviously improved my score. I had a 126 at 152 both good for me! Mark was having an off day, and told Ron not to give me any more advice. LOL 
I really couldn't help myself and had to post this. It is so very seldom I get a reasonable score let alone better than Mark (who is usually in the 170s and up.) 

Bonnie phoned for a good chat while she   drove home from Dallas. Roger had been home with a terrible summer cold ... and dog sitting the pups Hana and Chief plus dear old Mr. Percy. Well, it seems Roger got involved with sketching and watching a movie in the living room while Hana and Chief had their run of the kitchen. Yes, mis-chief ensued! LOL. A fresh case of Dr Pepper canned soda stored at puppy level "needed" to be explored. When Roger discovered the deed, the Dr Pepper case had been ripped apart and a soda can (or two) punctured. Roger had quite the mess to clean up and a great story to tell Bonnie. But, we think he might've caught hell. LOL

Mark installed the Tiki Toss (game) we bought for his birthday. The old ring toss we had in Boca was a real hit. Everyone loved to play it. Hopefully, we can enjoy playing it here with no injuries. LOL

We are ready to play!

Rod and Shay answered our question about the Seabreeze drink Randy had been bamboozled on all those years ago.  Now according to Rod and Shay, the drink was a pinkish color made with fruit juices, not blue as we all remember! The drink contained vodka, grapefruit juice and cranberry juice. Funny ...  Randy, Mark and I remember the Aqua Velva blue colored drink. WTF? Shay is going to look up pictures from that night.

Dinner tonight was sausages on the grill and French fries on the Pizzazz. (We ate the delicious chicken pot pies for lunch.) That was our Sunday! Ta Ta. 

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