Thursday, July 14, 2016

YaYa's ... July 14, 2016

Good morning from slightly hung over Central Florida. LOL ... A fun time was had by all on date night. It was so lovely to sit outside at the sandbar! 
The food was very good at Puddle Jumpers but we all felt the interior decor could use some jazzing up. (We guessed it's supposed to be the inside of an airplane hangar.)

This morning, I got up to a bit of a muddle with dishes in the sink from yesterday's happy hour and some Scotties demanding extra attention. They were allowed on the bed for snuggle buggle time. Usually, Robbie could care less, but today he was right in there! LOL  Mark cooked all of us toast and eggs for breakfast! (He's feeling ambitious enough to finish the boat slip refacing before our vacay. So, it's a trip to Lowes for lumber.)

Hey, it's Throwback Thursday! Here's one for ya ... baby Donald! Awww ...
C'mom ... that's hilarious. 

Sue sent me this picture of Wayne and Shorty Hot Pants snuggling on SHORTY'S recliner. (He won't let me sit there!) Cute enough ... 
but hilarious when you see the t-shirt below!
(Sorry Wayne.) LOL

Tonight was YaYa's at Sharon's ... and we were guaranteed a great assortment of food and fun. After a round of trivia, she had a 2 card bingo followed by charades. It was crazy fun! We broke up the party to get home before the rain. Beez and Robs were house sitting as Mark went with the guys to Zellie's pub for supper. It was a good evening ... until we heard the latest horrible news in Nice, France. >:-0
Jim hosted a dinner party this evening at his castle-cottage. Hopefully Sue will send a few pics. 

That's it for tonight. Ta Ta. 

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