Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hot in Florida ... it's summer! Good morning.
Robbie and Belize have it right; watching the squirrels and birds from the comfort of the sofa. It's too hot for me, too!

Mark worked on our barbecue ... cleaning it up before Rod & Shay arrive next month. It needed some new parts ... so off to Home Depot he went. What a great guy! Me? It was my job to do 4 loads of laundry and to list a few things on eBay. 

Belize's daughter Hana has been sold. I don't know how Bonnie does it? If I was to breed my Scotties, I wouldn't be able to give up the pups. OMG, I'd be One of those crazy people on TV ... a hoarder!
Wee Hana, 8 months old ... and housebroken ... a real sweetie. Good luck little one. I loved babysitting you in January/February when you were still wetting your bed. LOL. Now you're a 19 pound girl, and gorgeous! 

Sue and Wayne had a successful dock party last night, with the last partiers leaving about 930.
We're so happy you had good weather! 

Giant Recreation World's November rally forms arrived today ... and we booked for  November 2nd through 5th. The entertainment looks fab ... and last year was a blast. THIS time, we're booking a golf cart; we wished we did last year as that park is HUGE! 

The BBQ repaired ... chores done ... it's Happy Hour then off to dinner with Lew and Lynn tonight. Yay! 

Well, Lew wouldn't pose for a pic but otherwise ... it was fun. They hadn't been to Guadalajara ... and liked it! We got home as the lightening started ... and of course we brought treats for the kids. That was our day. How was yours?

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