Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hot! Muggy! Yuck! ... July 3, 2016

Good morning! A "cold front" is sitting at the north end of the Sunshine State piling up our heat like a snowplow. (Well that's how I envision it!) It's 88 at 10:15 going to 90 by 4 o'clock. Mark walked the doggies while I scrubbed the bird baths. What a lazy start to Sunday, eh? 

Mark got ambitious and trimmed the wisteria and (re)hung our security camera! I'm going to use this hot weather to remodel a couple of my favorite shirts. I found a cool site on Google with instructions on changing necklines, etc. It looks like fun! If I ruin the shirt, oh well, too bad. LOL

Randy teased Mark yesterday ... "you're an old man, hurt your back picking up a folding table! Hahaha."  Well, karma got his butt. On the way to their friend's wedding yesterday, Randy sneezed and jolted his hip so badly that he couldn't get out of the car for 10 minutes! (Mark loved that!)

Mark's aunt Jane and fiancĂ© Cliff moved (again!) into their "old" neighborhood. We stopped in to visit and brought happy hour with us. 
Jane & Cliff adopted a needy little guy by the name of Beau ... or Bo-Bo. 
As you see, Cliff loves Beau! They ride on Cliff's golf cart together. Cute. 

After our visit, we came home to feed the doggies then Randy and Dawn popped in on their new street glide for wine before going to Stavros for a late dinner. It was fun, of course! 

That was our easy Sunday. I hope yours was good too. 

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