Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Randy's ... July 12, 2016

Good morning from sunny, hot Central Florida. It's definitely summertime! Mark left the house about 830 with a load of leftover plywood pieces we had been storing for just such a project as shed shelves! He and Randy will have to go and buy some lumber, but using this up will be a help to both of us. Meanwhile, I did the morning chores and laundry. No, it's not very exciting, but that's just a fact of life, isn't it? 

I expect that Mark heard my blood curdling scream all the way over to Randy's. You see, I was taking photos for our album, "before and after", trying to update it before Rod and Shay visit next month. Well, I walked over to the grassy area behind the RV and darn near stepped on a big black king snake. Aaaahhh! Fortunately, the snake so I made and slithered away under the RV. I hurriedly took my picture and headed over to the opposite side of the yard, this time, being very careful where I stepped. Ha ha. 
Damn, that thing scared me. I know it's Mark's pet, and keeps rodents away but yuck! 
I had to walk way back to the oak tree to get this picture. Actually, I'm still about 15 feet from the oak tree, spooked by my last photo encounter of the slithering kind. 
That's another good reason for having a Chattahoochee gravel patio! It just wouldn't be good to slither across! Doesn't it look like Ms. B is inside the house in this picture? 

Well, it's time for me to pack up and head over to Carol's in the Scottish Highlands for game day. 

Well that was short-lived. When I got to game day, I had a terrible hot flash (it was warm in the house) and a stomachache after eating a carrot. Dreaded vegetables don't agree with my body. Really. Anyway, I was back home by 130. At least the Scotties were happy to see me! I took a Gas-X, but apparently that wasn't the problem because now it's moved around into a backache too. 

Mark and Randy had a better day. They built a ramp for getting the lawnmowers into the shed plus erected shelving. 

It's a big shed!
All ramped up. Sweet! Randy's happy!

That's it. More tomorrow. 

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