Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Asheville 2 ... July 27, 2016

Good day! It's going to be warmer than yesterday but a nice start this morning. We slept great ... even the dogs were still in bed at 7. Haha ... they were kept busy yesterday with lots of company. 

Robbie is watching for Chippy ... yes, I saw a Chipmunk here!
Mr Handsome asked to sit in my chair ... so I'm now on the sofa. LOL

Sue and Wayne sent a pic of them and friends wearing their Kenora dinner jackets!
LOL ... WE wish it was cool enough here to wear ours! 

It's nice here in Asheville at Bear Creek RV Park. We have a fairly shady spot! 
Today's plans are to visit Jeremy's house to see what he's accomplished and tonight, when they're all done work, it's dinner at The Mellow Mushroom. 

Marshall & Savannah ... baby due October 27th! 
Congratulations on moving into your brand new home! 

Nephew Jeremy treated us all to dinner and drinks at the Mellow Mushroom! 
Jonathan, Savannah, Marshall, Jeremy, Mark, me, Pam & Paula. It was a great evening!

Tomorrow, pics of Jeremy's first house! 

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