Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Good morning! Well, did you watch the debate? Here's what I concluded.

Donald Trump once again proved he’s a thin-skinned bully driven by greed and hate. A small, insecure moneygrubber who is only prepared to be a lying promoter for Donald Trump. Do you know he interrupted Hillary 51 times! That's a buffoon bully. By the way, DT lied 80% of the time last night according to fact checker. :-(

Hillary Clinton was prepared for the debate and prepared for the presidency. She was tough, smart, calm and collected tonight – with clear, unambiguous promises to fight for progressive ideas and progressive values. 

It was nice to see them so friendly after the debate. The Donald was at Chelsea's wedding years ago. 

At 3:30 we loaded up the dogs and our cooler and went for a happy hour putt-putt cruise. 

Mz Bee loves the boat now! A thunderstorm shortened our trip ... but not before we had snacks and drinks. We had a little rain after we got home.

Mark cooked pork chops on the grill while we played ring toss! Robbie likes to climb behind the bar. Beez waits on the ground level to catch escaping lizzies ! LOL

Meanwhile, Randy was working on cutting tile for their bathroom shower project. Sue and Wayne went to Valentino's for dinner.

Dancing with the Stars results is on now.  

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