Thursday, September 22, 2016

A U T U M N ... September, 22, 2016

Good morning! It's the start of a new season; one we welcome with open arms in Florida. Sultry summer nights give way to cooler, drier air that make us think of harvest festivals and evening bonfires.

Mark and Lew left at 8 o'clock for the nearby Ocala Forest to set up their hunting stands. Meanwhile, Mz BeeZee snuggled on my lap while Robbie slept in his bed. It's a good life. 

Sue and Wayne are settled in at home again. Here's a look at their camp all closed up for the winter!
That's Chippy's Hollow near the boathouse and K's main cottage up the hill. It's currently a cool 55F there! 

This afternoon, Mark and I went bowling.  Our first game was pretty good, in fact very good for Mark.
Turkey!!! Gobble gobble.  

Good game Marky! Wow a 181. 

A turkey for moi!!! Really? Wowsa!

Na na naaa! Haha, I finally beat Mark's score. (I wouldn't have made this face but I was directed to do it!) LOL. It was lots of fun ... and good exercise!

On the way home, we drove up and down a couple streets looking to see what was for sale for Rod and Shay. Pat and Ken spotted our car and invited us in for a glass of wine. Ken's mom Martha stopped in with her Boston Terrier, Zelda. Between Zelda and their English Springer Spaniel, Sadie, we had a great visit. Of course we got the once over when we got home from Robbie and Beez. 

Randy and Dawn arrived for happy hour and the doggies had their snuggles. We had a wine, and then were off to Ichy Ban for dinner. Yummy. Tomorrow, Dawn works so they were away right after dinner.

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