Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday, September 26, 2016

Good morning. It's a lovely morning, so lovely in fact that Mark went to the Ocala Forest for some hunting therapy. LOL, this means, for me, I have snuggle time with the doggies while watching my favorite aliens show. Ha ha. 

Over the weekend, I sold two shelves on eBay. They are a Northwoods type shelf with pinecones and greenery. They are cast-iron, so pretty heavy to mail. But, happily, these shelves are being shipped to someone in Wisconsin. Perfect. No, I couldn't use them at Chippy's Hollow as space is limited there. 

Mark arrived home having seen a deer ... But no shot. Apparently, it was lovely and quiet in the woods today. Mark had a Bluejay and a big woodpecker for company.

Mark and I left for bowling at 1 o'clock. We enjoyed two games and burned a calorie. LOL. We almost had the bowling alley to ourselves.

Lew popped in for a visit and then came back a few minutes later with a glass of wine in hand. We had lots of laughs and then Lew went home to park the car for Lynn, and then they both came back for wine.

Mz Bee "obeys" uncle Lew ... Robbie ignores him. LOL

Tonight, is the first official presidential debate. In the meantime, we are watching dancing with the stars. More tomorrow!

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