Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Good morning! Even though I'm up very early, I have a wee Scottie who is happy to see me, climb on my lap, snuggle and watch Ancient Aliens. Mz BeeZee, you are a wonderful sweetie. By comparison, although Robbie came to the Livingroom, eventually, he's not an early morning guy. Haha. I went back to bed and neither of us got up until 10!!! 

While we were outside last night, our quite athletic Scotties played on the shelves behind the patio bar! Robbie started this a few days ago. Mark was very concerned that he might catch a nail in the metal grid of the shelves. So, he cut up some rubber puzzle pieces and lined the shelf with them. Now the doggies love to sit back there and watch for lizards. 
As you can see, Ms. BZ is "monkey see, monkey do!" LOL 

I noticed last night that our huge sycamore tree was starting to show the very first affects of an early Florida winter. Well, maybe, but I do notice a tinge of yellow and red in the leaves. It would be wonderful if over the winter season we had a birdbath freeze. LOL. Hey, it's our equivalent of the four seasons. Ha! 

Our English cousins visited their ex-pats in California last month. What a good-looking group. 
Mark, Sharon, Sophie, Freya from London with Hudson, Kelly, Landon and Leigh who now live in Southern California. What a great family, always so much fun. 

RanDawn had a day on the bike planned. Sometimes they'll come by for a visit, but not today! Hopefully they had a good ride. 

We had a quiet day. Lew and Lynn invited us for a swim but we were just leaving to shop. So, we missed that invite. Rain messed up my boat ride plans, so, it was a (nice) quiet day. Tonight, a movie for us and fresh rawhides for Beez and Robs. Life is good. 

Sue and Wayne are closing up the cottage and plan to leave Wednesday. They might be here by Saturday. Yay. Usually they stay on our driveway but with it still too hot, they need 50 amp to run both A/C units. 

Tomorrow, we're planning a late lunch cruise! Yay. It's a good forecast for after lunch so we plan to leave at 1 o'clock. 

That was our day. Ta Ta. 


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