Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What's up buttercup? 
Yes folks, this is the hypocrisy of our presidential election for 2016. >:-/

A terrible sickness has permeated our beloved U.S.A. and given voice to the absolute worst, the bottom of the barrel, of our citizens! It's similar to Germans in the 1930's and 1940's ... fear anyone different; fear the Jews, fear the Pols, fear, fear, FEAR! The Orange Orangatan preaches just like Hitler did that HE ALONE "will make Germany, er America, great again!" Trump is a narcissist, a con man and a psychopath. 

If this man triumphs and becomes our next president, the entire WORLD is in dire straights. You can expect WW3 ... and he can't wait to use nukes! If he feels slighted, and indeed he does several times a week, he retaliates! Maybe it'll be your country's leader who provokes him!

When history is ignored, it is repeated! One Hitler was enough! 

Several of my Canadian friends possess thinking that Trump is a good businessman. He may or may not be but what we do know is that he has a deep hatred triggered by a personality disorder. No, it's not just my opinion, read on. 

And, onto more mundane things. Both Mark and I woke up with hangovers! OMG we must have had too much wine! After glasses of water, bacon and eggs, and TV time we're ready to tackle our day. 

Did you see Dancing with the Stars last night? It was a great "first" night ... Laurie Hernandez (16) was dynamite. She really is "America's Treasure!" 

Brian Lochte's dance was punctuated by two demonstrators who attempted to tackle him regarding the "Rio" incedent. It's time to move on from that mess. By the way, when a REAL REPORTER flew to Rio to investigate, a very different story emerged. There was no bathroom damaged and in fact the guys couldn't get into the bathroom at all! Brazilian eye witnesses said the 4 Americans couldn't get into the bathroom. They urinated behind the building and pushed a sign over. Bad behavior, no doubt. The "cop" who pulled a pistol and aimed it at the 4 boozers was a stronge arm thug himself. Brian and fellow Americans were essentially robbed! That's what happens when reporters don't delve into a story themselves but embellish thereby compounding more errors in a story. Do your job folks. Report the real deal. 

Sue and Wayne arrived home by 4:30 ... and I'm sure will be buried in mail and unpacking for a day or two!

Us? We had a few errands to run about town but plan to relax at home tonight. Our Scotties are tuckered out today too. (I guess they were on high alert with other dogs in the house yesterday!) 

Randy is home with a stiff neck. The doctor gave him some meds so hopefully he will feel better in a day or two. This has plagued him since his July flight to Cincinnati when a wee boy on the plane called him "DADDY!" LOL ... Randy whipped his head around so fast that his neck kinked! 

That's it for today! 

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