Sunday, September 11, 2016

NEVER FORGET 9/11 ... 15th Ann., 2016


Good morning from sunny Central Florida. Mark and I visited our pal Nancy by 11 o'clock and picked up HILLARY signs! Yes, we've looked at both sides extensively and made our choice of candidate to support. So, her signs are up on our property! 

What's up today? Well for me it was balancing our budget ... and I did it. Yay. 

Sue and Wayne arrived today about 3. By 5 o'clock we all met at their lovely Prevost for cocktail hour. 

Kris, Wayne, Julie and Sue ... 

Randy, Dawn and Diane were on the sunny side. We had lots of catching up as we hadn't all been together since last Christmas. 

At 6:30 we went for dinner at Oakwood Smokehouse. It was great! Dawn, Sue and I all ordered baked potatoes with our dinners. The waitress came back to say they only had 2 potatoes! LOL. So we drew straws!

Guess who got the short straw? LOL. But, Sue let Dawn have her potato and she had a sweet potato instead. We sure had some laughs! 

I'm going to end this with a pic of Bonnie's beautiful blooming yucca plant. 

Isn't it gorgeous! That's it for today! Stay safe. 

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