Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Good morning sunshine! We began the day in our usual lazy way. I made low-carb shakes for breakfast while we watched the news. 

We recorded the four part series of the 15th anniversary of 9/11. It sounds as though it might be very depressing, but a lot of details have come out that had never been released before. It's just amazing how unprepared we were for anything other than a cold war attack. It's on the History Channel in case you're interested in watching it. There is an entire generation who knows nothing about 9/11, so that too is another reason to re-air it. 

Mark took an eBay package to our post office while I readied a cooler for our afternoon boat ride with the Scotties. They stayed home yesterday while we cruised, so today was their fun time. 

It was breezy and perfect; not too warm. There were just enough little wavelets to splash and keep them interested. Haha. 
Robbie, at the bow is trustworthy; Mz BeeZee is still learning and sticks close by me. They really enjoyed their cruising time. (They don't know yet, but they're coming to lunch by boat with us tomorrow.) 

Crystal sent a cute pic of little Avery. She wants to help in the kitchen!
She's really intent on the task! Obviously she's been watching her grandmother Darlene, and mother Crystal making their family recipe cabbage rolls! I think we have another good cook coming up the ranks. 
Wowsa! Pie crust too! Awesome!

Sue and Wayne are having dinner with pal Rose tonight then leaving for home (Florida) first thing in the morning. We're looking forward to seeing them by Sunday. It's time; 64F in Kenora today as a high and dropping to 50 overnight. We wish them smooth roads and fair weather. Drive carefully. 

I just saw this on FB and had to share it. LOL ...

Ta Ta til tomorrow! 

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