Thursday, September 15, 2016

MID-SEPTEMBER (already), 2016

I'm up well before the sun and read futuristic news of AI (artificial intelligence), solar energy stored in salt water towers, gene manipulation to prevent blindness in children and Facebook posts from friends. I'm ready for this day to unfold!

After filling my head with new science I spent a half hour soaking in the hot tub! Perfect.  

Robbie and BeeZee were so excited to see the tortoise walking past our house today. 

This pic was taken from our front door, so you can see it's BIG! 

We had appointments at 2 to file our CWP applications ... Ka-Ching $248 later we're in the system. Mark's fingerprints were done quickly ... but it seems I've worn mine down to black smudges! Each finger had to be done 3-4 times. Apparently, a life of handling paperwork wore them down. Who knew?

I called Randy about 5 o'clock to see how his neck was. He's had a terribly stiff neck for a couple of months now (ever since the baby on the plane called him daddy.) LOL. He was feeling a little better and had another funny story to tell. On the way home from his Pompano Beach dental appointment on Monday, he and Dawn stopped at the Subway at Fort Drum for a bite to eat. While they were standing in line waiting on their order, Randy felt something touch him. He turned around but with his stiff neck he didn't see anyone there. A few seconds later, he felt "something" wrap around his leg. Dawn saw what was happening and before Randy could look down, she said, "If he calls you daddy I'm going to pee my pants from laughing so hard." LOL. Randy is a kid magnet! Luckily, The boys mother came running to retrieve him. Haha. Randy needs to make some wardrobe changes. LMFAO

Mark and I decided on Stavros' meatballs and sauce tonight. Delicioso! After we came home, it was ring toss on the patio with a cigar and wine. The Scotties loved running about chasing the poor lizards!  Of course the two hunters were sitting on the bar shelf that Mark lined with padded rubber for them! No lizards were harmed. 

Now, it's the Buffalo Bills against the NY Jets. Mark is right into this, so Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

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