Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Good morning. It's another bright beautiful day in Central Florida. 

Yesterday, Mark picked up the little boat he and Randy own and brought it home to work on our ailing seawall. (I just saw Mark pass the living room window towing the boat to the backyard!) There's always something going on around here. Ha ha

Today is our ladies group luncheon and Dawn is able to join us as she is off work! Yay. We're going to Guadalajara for our yak fest. 

What an interesting group of women we have! They range in age from 49 to 87 with varied backgrounds. Most, but not all, worked. Some had children, some not. What seems amazing to me is that everyone gets along. Now of course one topic is off limit ... politics! 

Rod and Shay phoned tonight for a chat. They have decided to move to our area by May! Really! We are delighted and amazed! Fantastic. So we are now on the watch for good deals in our area. 

Randy worked on the shower project while Dawn joined the girls at lunch. It was a fun time with much noise and margaritas. (Usually, Dawn's working while Randy's is not.) Ha. The tables were turned today. 

Mark cooked excellent meatloaf for tonight's low carb dinner, along with seared garlic with asparagus spears. It was great. 

Hahaha ... Hilarious!

So we had our evening walk at 6:30 on this last night of summer. It was gorgeous ... no humidity ... slight breeze. I feel autumn's arrival. 

Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

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