Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday, September 9, 2016

Good morning! Well, it looks like another day on the boat. Not too shabby!

Rick and his girlfriend Nellie are joining us for a ride through the Dora Canal, some sightseeing and then lunch at Hurricanes.

At Hurricane's ... 

The weather was perfect for boating with an 11 mile an hour wind; just enough to keep us cool. Of course we had a few cooling beverages on board. LOL

Rick had not been to our Central Florida house and enjoyed seeing what we had done. He and Nellie are ready to sell his Loxahatchee log home and move somewhere "north" in Florida. 

We came home after our cruise and spent some time with the doggies; fed and walked them then off we went on a driving tour through Tavares and Mount Dora. Nellie was busy snapping pictures and imagining moving from south Florida.

We ended our tour at the Hideaway for a cold one, or two where Randy met us for some laughs. The singer/musician was someone we'd not seen before; he was very good. 

Now it's doggie time! They're enjoying a rawhide in front of the TV. 

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