Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thursday, September 8, 2016.

OMG ... What a nightmare I had. I was somewhere living in a snowy cold climate and having to go to work. Now that's a nightmare when you are retired and comfortably living in Florida. LOL 

Now that I have shaken the cobwebs out of my head and enjoyed breakfast of Chili Relenos I've calmed down. Whew. 

So, it's 73° on our front porch this morning with a high predicted of 90 late today. It remains very dry and comfortable with no rain in the forecast. 

Mark has been prepping himself for archery season which opens September 24th. Today, he is going to set up his target and practice in our backyard. Me? I'm going to enjoy a Mani/Pedi day! The doggies had a spa day too. Mark gave them both baths and Mz B came into our bedroom and dried herself off on our carpet. Lovely. Ha ha! Oh well, tomorrow is vacuuming day! 

I phoned Sue to check on their drive south. They've had nice roads with light traffic and very good weather. They will be stopping in a couple of hours in Madison, Wisconsin. (Mark would like a bag of cheese curds please.) Ha! 

Speaking of Sue, she has had a wheat allergy all of her life. My sister Diane has been taken off wheat and gluten the past two or maybe three years by doctor's orders. I wondered if this gluten-free diet was just a fad or if there was a scientific  basis to it. Well, Mark and I started an Atkins (diet) program about three weeks ago. The differences I have noticed have been amazing. For many years, I have had wheezing and have been treated for asthma. Since stopping all "white" (bread, pasta, starch, sugar) I have not used my inhaler once! Also, I no longer experience bloat, indigestion or sugar cravings! So, I'm guessing that I too have the wheat allergy. So, there's no going back. Cauliflower will substitute for potatoes and I shall ignore bread, pasta and sweets ... but feel 100% better than I have in years! All I can say is thank goodness I'm not allergic to wine. LOL

Sue and Wayne have happened upon an interesting area in Wisconsin. It is called the Yahara Chain of Lakes in Dane County. They have stopped there for the night.
It appears that Julius chose the camping site. Ruff-ing it in comfort! 

SpaceX liftoff of the Osirus-ReX ... 

We met Lew and Lynn on our street to watch the rocket launch. Afterwards, we went to their house for wine and to solve the worlds political problems. LOL ... that was an interesting conversation.

Tomorrow Mark's friend, from work, Rick Kump is coming to visit. It'll be great to see him.

Tata till tomorrow

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