Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

It's a right fine day here in Central Florida ... 79F (with a high of 88 by 5 o'clock.)

We loaded a cooler and took BeeZee and Robbie with us for a "Date-Day" lunch and 3 hour ride! 

It was gorgeous ... a 7 MPH wind. We cruised to downtown Eustis to see the new kids splash pad. It's well located, behind the big pool, alongside the lake. 

Robbie just chills on the boat! He's very laid-back!

Beez prefers testing every seat but stayed about 15 minutes beside Mark.

Robbie and BeeZee had grilled chicken while Mark had hot wings and I had a swamp salad. (Hey, my salad was delicious, but the name is gross!) LOL

Beez listened to the birds and enjoyed the wind. The Dead River is in the background. There was a beautiful breeze coming off Lake Eustis. 

Cruising home, Robbie on his lap, we had a wonderful afternoon. The rest of our day will include relaxing and watching a movies. 

Randy and Dawn are babysitting (young!) Brandon Junior today. Tonight, Dawn's son Brandon will be picking up his son, but not until Dawn cooks him a steak dinner! Not too shabby! Mom babysits and cooks for him. Ha. 

Sue and Wayne got on the road today about 10 and stopped for the night around Duluth, Minnesota by 8ish. It was a long day due to slower roads. 

That was our fun day! I hope your Wednesday was good too. 

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