Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mexican Dominoes ... September 17, 2016

Good morning. It's a cloudy start which may be a good thing as we're forecast to reach 88 late in the day. With our chores done yesterday, it's a relaxing start to our day.

The Atkins diet is working! In approximately five weeks, Mark lost 12 pounds and I lost 6 pounds. The best thing is, however, we are not suffering whatsoever. No hunger pains and no cravings! 

Randy and Dawn are coming over later for happy hour and after happy hour, to Stavros for dinner. After that, it's Mexican dominoes night! Yay! That's always a fun event. 

Mark and I decided to burn a calorie bowling today. Once we saw Break Point's parking lot we remembered the big tournament on this weekend. Wha-wa. So, being ever flexible, we headed to ABC liquor for a fresh supply of Black & White Scotch and Crown. It's a lovely store; nearly as good as the shop in Oklahoma City! Wow, that's a huge shop.

Then, Mark tried the new car wash that Lew used. Well, it must be very good as there were 25 cars lined up waiting! We'll come back during the week; Tuesday is $3 day. 

Randy and Dawn arrived at 5 to much dog excitement! OMG ... what fun. I found a calorie free Margarita mix at ABC so made them Margaritas in my new blender! Both enjoyed the drinks so we sent them home with the mix. It's amazing the sugar free things available when you really look. 

Stavros was lined up out the door tonight as a big RV rally was staying at Southern Palms nearby. We waited 15 minutes for a table, but it was worth it. We all ordered Greek salads and Chicken Parmesan! About 7:30 we headed home for our Domino night. 

BeeZee and Robbie had chairs at the game table and got plenty of attention. 

As you can see, it was a hoot. Mark was the eventual winner by a mere 10 points. LOL. Dawn was the most entertaining tonight with plenty of hilarious comments.

Well that was our silly day. Ta Ta. 

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