Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Good morning. It's a lovely 75° and breezy. We started our day with the front door open.

Today's plans include game day for me, and Mark plans to change the oil on the boat motor. Most exciting. LOL

It sure feels like fall today! Lovely.

Nancy hosted game day with plenty of wine and snacks! I played Mexican Dominoes with Rose, Pat, Anita, Carol and Carin. We had so much fun! There was a huge clap of thunder then we watched the rain come across the lake!  The rest of the gang played Rummikube in the living room. We didn't finish until after 5 o'clock! What a PARTAY. LOL

Mark's day was not fun. Yesterday, he discovered rat poop in our RV basement. He set a couple of traps with peanut butter, but no sign of any critters. So, today, he emptied the basement and vacuumed everything out.  He discovered a lovely rats nest made out of our vinyl picnic table tablecloth. LOL. Oh well, I think we needed a new one anyway. 

We're hearing the rumblings of thunder and another storm is just north of us. We're going to settle in with dinner and relax in front of the boob tube tonight.


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