Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday, September 12, 2016

Good morning! What a great sleep I (finally) had. So, Beez and I are cuddled up at the moment watching Ancient Aliens about Antartica. Did you know it once had (12,000 years ago) a verdant, temperate climate? Crustal displacement may have occurred which shifted the poles to their present day position. Thank Professor Hapgood for sharing his knowledge. (Magnetic north has moved towards Canada (from Greenland) at a rate of 400 km in the last 10 years!) Wowsa! 
If I piqued your interest here's a link to this page ... 

So, Mark and Lew are off to the Ocala Forest for some scouting this morning ... and I'm prepping for a small dinner party with Sue, Wayne, Diane & Kris here tonight. 

Sue arrived for a visit about 1 o'clock to meet BeeZee and visit Robbie. Robs was very happy to see "Auntie Humpy!" LOL ... he loves her. They'll be back about 5:30 with Shorty Hotpants and Julius and our Scotties will have rawhides, in my craft room. 

Sue was careful to not disturb our flock of Ibis!
(Photo taken from the door's glass so Robbie wouldn't chase them away.)

Well, we had a delicious dinner and plenty of fun. Sue and Wayne sat with Shorty Hotpants and Julius while Diane and Kris arrived with Bell and her pink carriage. Meanwhile, the poor Scotties were quarantined in the garage with A/C, rawhides and icewater. Arooooo's. 

The party continued until after 10 o'clock when Sue and Wayne, Shorty Hotpants and Julius left for their RV at Fishermen's Cove. Diane, Kris and Belle left shortly thereafter. We felt bad for Kris as we knew he was in pain with his broken hand and in-recovery leg! Sometimes, life just isn't fair.

Meanwhile, Mark and I tidied up and watched Dancing with the Stars. During the production, Brian Lochte's anti-Fanbase made a big stink. There is a time and a place for speaking your mind ... and that wasn't it.

We had quite a laugh today. Last night, Mark and I posted our Hillary signs! Well, next-door is a "self proclaimed Saint and his wife" who blamed President Obama for their lack of choice in selling their overbuilt compound in Tennessee. Really, every time this man speaks to us, it is to tell us about his "huge compound," his words, and that it has not sold in Tennessee because of Obama's practices. Well, we're not sure what he is going to say now as the property has sold. Regardless though he has put up his dumb ass Trump signs! OMG ... 

Well, that's my comments for today.

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