Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hello September 1st, 2016

It's our handsome pal Roddy's 70th birthday! 
Mark and I must get our voices pure for singing Happy Birthday to him on the phone ... perhaps the Scotties will add some Arooooo's!

Our friends at the Weather Channel are predicting the (now) tropical storm Hermine will reach hurricane status before crossing the northern portion of Florida. What this means to us in Central Florida will be scattered showers and a cloudy day or two. Well, okay then ... it's time for fun! About 8:45 a (potential) tornado passed to the west of RanDawn's and us. (We never heard thunder and only had light rain!) Lucky us!

Our crazy friend Michael W. in Kelowna, British Columbia shared this today ... LOL

and if you know him, you know this is very accurate. Hahaha. Mikey ranted about misinformation on Facebook lately; people twisting posts to promote their cockamamie ideals. So I sent THIS to him. 

It's YaYa's at Linda T's tonight. Usually she entertains on her screened patio with a beautiful lake view but tonight, we were all inside eating Stavros salads and pizzas. It was a ruckus night with party favors of "buff puffs" for all. Lynn and I found a 2nd use for them ...
and we're boobalicious! LOL
(We wished we had these in high school! LOL) 

As I said earlier, we had a few minutes of hunker down time for a possible tornado ... but luckily, nothing; no thunderstorms whatsoever. Other areas of Florida had heavy rain, etc. It's hard to believe that Florida hangs down into the tropics but hasn't had a hurricane touch it since Wilma in 2005! Amazing. Hurricane Hermine just made Category 1, so mostly a rain maker. 

Another bit of a tough luck in Florida today was the SpaceX rocket exploded on the launchpad during a static electricity test. A new satellite that was widely anticipated went up in smoke. Drat. 

Well, that's my news for today. Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

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