Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day! (We are mighty pleased that we no longer have to labor at 9-to-5 jobs.) LOL ... But we did, we made a good living, and we gratefully celebrate along with our fellow Americans!

So, good morning. We have boating plans for today with family and friends! (The "poor" dogs will be on guard duty at home, pouting!) 

Everyone arrived right at 1 o'clock and so we loaded up and headed out. It was a perfect afternoon with a 14 MPH wind at our back's. 
Mark, Jim, Lew and Ken.  

Dawn and Randy cruising along!

Although it was still cloudy, it was a perfect temperature and wonderful afternoon.

Hurricane's had our table ready...
L-R ... Randy, Dawn, Lew, Rose, Jim, MOI, Ken, Pat, Lynn & Mark. Everyone's meal was very good. 

Pat ... Just enjoying the ride!

Mark, Lynn & Jim. 

Jim and moi. Haha. 

YEEHAW from Rose. 

I suspect we had too much fun! We cooled off before eventually heading home on the boat about  an hour and a half later. The kids were happy to see us, and we began a party on the patio with a game of Bimini ring toss. 

Is that a cup of coffee you're stirring Mark?

Well that was our day and evening.
Made in America! Party on!

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