Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Good morning. It is a cooler one here in Central Florida. Mark went to the forest to set up a second tree stand. Me? Well, there's always chores and laundry, but mostly I'm going to relax today! So, I began my morning with a soak in the hot tub. It was heavenly.

Did I mention that Miss Belize has begun talking? Really! She scared me a couple of times with her voice. For instance, I was sitting watching TV and playing free cell solitaire when I heard a voice. I looked up, expecting to see Mark, but no one was there. Then I looked down and here was a wee black face looking up at me, questioning. LOL

It was Walmart day! There are some items that only Wally carries in our area ... so, it's Wally or nothing. One item we wanted was CarbSmart ice cream. Now why isn't that a regular item in every store? No sugar added ... real ice cream! 

Sue and Wayne have a busy week planned. Friday night, Jack C. will be DJ at the Pompano Beach Elks. I'm certain it'll be a great dance night!

We didn't go out for date night as Dawn is working tonight. Randy was busy working on their shower stall, so we will choose another night to go out.

The Blogger app has been misbehaving on my new iPhone. So, for that reason the blogs have been a bit shorter. (Sorry about that!) LOL. Ta Ta til tomorrow. I'll go look for a fix!

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