Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Good (very early) morning. I was awake at 4 AM ... ready for breakfast, cuddles with Beez and AncientAliens! Then, I went back to bed ... and had TWO nightmares. LOL ... I wonder if it was the Chili Rellenos for early morning breakfast?

Today was all about getting our chores done that we didn't do yesterday. The piper had to be paid. Our first stop was to order our iPhone 7's at Verizon. I chose the rose gold (larger) iPhone while Mark went with a matte black regular sized one. We won't get them for 2 to 3 weeks, but our orders are in. 

After a few more shopping stops, we decided on lunch at Perkins in Mount Dora. The food was good but took quite awhile coming. I ordered the Cobb salad; delicious; Mark had grilled chicken breast with green beans and a garden salad. A fellow patron sat near us and had the most hilarious accent. We couldn't stop giggling listening to the loudmouth hillbilly talk to his friends. Just when we thought we'd heard everything, he let out a loud belch. LOL. The couple that was sitting with him were very quiet and seemed embarrassed. The oversized buffoon told them how it was all his wife's fault they were now divorced. (A couple of times, Mark and I were outright laughing!) "Win y'all axes-sez someone a quesschein, they otter anser!"

Walmart was crowded but not with the gigantic aisle blockers. Well, except for one huge young woman with 6 young kids hanging off her motorized scooter in the frozen food aisle. And another (abandoned) scooter was parked in front of the ice cream. Haha. I guess it was just a regular shopping trip. 

Back home, we just got unloaded and things put away when a great thunderstorm began. It was the first rain we've had in five days. Nice. No need to run the sprinklers. 

Sue and Wayne had a long travel day and stopped in Perry, Georgia for the night. 

Bonnie and Roger had a real estate open house today which meant plenty of fun for the doggies. 
Sweet Mr. Percy with his daddy Roger strolled behind the Scotties. 
I'm betting Bonnie is at the control of these sweeties. All's well unless a squirrel happens by! LOL

The evening disappeared with sorting out photos in iCloud.  Eventually, I uploaded my phone contents onto Shutterfly and deleted 99% of the photos on the phone. It's crazy how packed up these devices get! Anyway it's now nearly midnight so I better get today's posted. Tata till tomorrow. 

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