Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday, September 2, 2016

Things that go bump in the night are a bit unnerving! Mark slept through the wind and rain while I investigated at 4 this morning. (The Scotties had made their beds under the dining room table.) Haha! They're very smart! The noise seemed to be our outdoor Sunroom blinds bumping the house. 

Stay safe everyone in Hermine's path! 

Since we were on what is called the "dirty side" of the hurricane, we had gusty winds with the rain bands. During one of the blows, I heard the front yard trees bowing in the wind and decided to take the dogs and myself back to bed. The Scotties were very happy to get on the bed with us and stayed there for 2 hours! 

Bonnie and Rogers were enjoying a beautiful day in Oklahoma eating Indian tacos at a Native American festival. 
You two are having plenty of fun I see! 

Mark and I went to Beall's this afternoon for a little retail therapy. For a couple of months now, Mark has been looking for a turquoise baseball-style cap. Well, today he bought a pale green "Salt Life" cap ... and I bought a couple of decorative items for our bedroom fireplace mantle. It was fun to get out and use our $10 off $25 purchase certificate. LOL ... What a bargain.

Facebook popped up with a post from six years ago. It was a bittersweet one. Shiloh (age 12) was in the stroller so I could take him around to his favorite spots because he could no longer walk easily on his front right leg. Maggie was about 4 years old at that time. 
This was taken at Sunshine Holiday in Fort Lauderdale Florida. (Mark was working in Miami at that time.) Ah, sweet memories. 

We heard from Mark's cousin Donny  today. He "booked" our guestroom for a few nights in the middle of November. We are so looking forward to having him here. During our 2014 east coast RV trip we saw Donny in Newberryport, Massachusetts. (It's a beautiful area!)

At Sue and Wayne's cottage in Ontario, their 2 grandsons left for home today ... the last company this summer! Tonight, Sue and Wayne have gone to a dock party. We are sorry to miss it as the dock parties are always a fun time!

I phoned Diane today at their Fishcamp and heard that Kris had broken his hand last week. Although he went to the emergency room, they did not put a cast on his hand. It must've been a very intricate break which needed a orthopedic surgeon. He has an appointment arranged for this Tuesday. Of course all this happened during a time when they were moving from their house across the street to an upstairs apartment at the camp. There's no good time to suffer a broken hand. Ouch! 

Tonight, Mark and I took Lynn for dinner with us to meet Randy and Dawn at Stavros. It was very busy, but we were able to get a table for the five of us right away. Lucky ducks! Of course dinner was very good, as it always is at Stavros. Randy and Dawn continued on to meet another couple at Mount Dora Brewing, at the Rocking Rabbit. Lynn had work to do at home before Lew arrives back tomorrow. Mark and I were happy to go home and have a quiet evening. Also, my favorite show Ancient Aliens is on tonight! 

Egad, we just had a ferocious gust of wind and a rain band! We are thinking of our family and friends on the north east coast and hoping the storm leaves them safe. Ta ta til tomorrow. 

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