Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday, September 16, 2016.

Good morning. We slept until 830, had breakfast and began our weekly housekeeping. Actually, not much got done last week as we were busy with company and entertaining. Never fear, the work waited for us. LOL

Mark planned some work on his Mountaineer today. The tie rods on the front right need replacing. He watched some YouTube videos how to do it and feels that is something he could easily accomplish. Did I mention that he bought a creeper for one of his birthday gifts? Well, this would be the first time he could use it. Me? I have a few things to handle in my craft room, more eBay items to list and to begin working on Christmas ideas.

Randy and Dawn are going to the Hideaway tonight. Since we were out last night, I think we will likely stay home. Perhaps we'll manage a happy hour on the boat with the doggies. It's an absolutely perfect 84° day!

Mark came home from Winn Dixie with 3 BIG rib-eye steaks (for $20.) It was a BBQ feast for dinner! Yum. 

Sue and Wayne are going dancing at the Elks tonight with Jack and Carol. We hope to hear good news about Jack's health issue.

Tonight ... a spectacular Harvest Moon! I hope you'll see it where you are. 
"Shine on, shine on Harvest Moon, for me and my gal." 

Guess what's on Telly tonight! 
Ancient Aliens! Yay. LOL 

Ta ta. 

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