Monday, September 19, 2016

Diane's Day ... September 19, 2016

It was forecast to be a hot one here, 90F and no breeze. Yucky! It was perfect for fancy shoe shopping at the mall. I accepted our friend Nancy's generous invitation to attend the Lake County Democratic Black Caucas gala on Friday night. (I had a new dress just waiting for such an event.) And, now I have the shoes too. (Mark declined as he's going archery hunting early Saturday.) I'll have fun company as our pals Pat & Ken plus Rose & Jim are coming too. 

After running a few errands, Mark and I went bowling. Our first game was bad. But, our second game was pretty darn good. Mark scored 173 and me 141. Yay! Over the weekend, Breakpoint Alley hosted the Special Olympics. That's why it was so busy when we stopped in on Saturday! Who knew?

Finally at 4:30 I reached Diane to wish her a Happy Birthday. She got her new golf cart last Thursday and is enjoying it! (Speaking of golf carts, Mark and I are in a pic from Giant's camp out last March!)

We had Liz & Dexter on board with us for the day's scavenger hunt. It was a blast! 

Mark cooked us a delicious dinner of curried shrimp with sautéed vegetables!

Aren't I lucky to have a handsome chef!

That's it for today. We had a little rain, snuggle time with the doggies and a couple of walks. Now it's TV time! 

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