Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Good morning sunshine ☀️ ... we saw Rick walk past Chippy's with a coffee in hand heading to the dock. That was good timing on his part as Mark had just begun cooking bacon and eggs ... so Rick was 'vited! (Scrambled eggs with feta cheese and ketchup ... yup, I'm known as the condiment queen.) 👸 By 11 o'clock Rick and Daisy were on the road to Winnipeg and their next adventure. It was fun to spend time together ... and hopefully we'll see them both over the winter (in warm Florida.) 

Sue and I have been gathering things for "It's a Dog's Life" online auction which means we've been tidying up around the cottages. It's amazing the superfluous items that gather, unused. So, I took some towels to uphill to Sue and she just came downhill with towels for me. Haha. 

Robbie and auntie Sue 💕

While I'm writing this Blog Mark's assembling our new kitchen cart! 

Oooo I can hardly wait to tidy cabinets and move stuff around. 

Mark was beginning the assembly as Rick was leaving. Why do I mention such a mundane thing ... well, Mark needed a hammer 🔨 so I broke into Peter, Paul & Mary's song ... 

Chippy's new cabinet is assembled and already in service! WOWSA. At 4:30 with met Sue on the dark with Gordon's (Dad's) gin for happy hour. It's exactly 80° and no wind! Perfect. 

At 6:15 we walked up to Big Bear's and enjoyed Wayne's garlic herb chicken on the BBQ, Rick's leftover linguine and a salad. Rose popped in for a visit after dinner and kept us quite entertained.

Well, it looks like Mark was the main entertainment here. LOL

It was a beautiful day and a lovely evening. We walked down to watch the news just before 10 o'clock. Tata. 

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