Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Good morning. It is an absolutely gorgeous sunshiny day here on Kendall Inlet, Clearwater Bay. After breakfast, Mark went to Ted's no-frills in Kenora for tonight's dinner ingredients. I am so lucky that he enjoys cooking, as I did not ... and it showed. 🙄 Well, first, you open the box! 😳

Where oh where is our pal Rick? We half-way expected him yesterday ... but perhaps fishing at Malakai was excellent and he stayed. Anyway, we have plenty of food for tonight's dinner, just in case. 

Sue and Wayne are on their way back from Elma.

From left to right ... (I give up!) but I see Penny, Ron, Kyle, Gavin, Cody ... Wayne's sister Terry (in red) and his brother Grant with a big beard. 

Ha ha, well that was exciting. Mark and I were pulling our rig out so Wayne could back theirs in. As we were pulling out, Wayne was waiting on the road. Sue came running up "stop!"  Mark had not unplugged our extension cord ... I had not done a walk around (to doublecheck) because of the damn flies! 

No damage done ... here we are, parked again. 

Rick arrived about 230 and came to Chippy's for a visit. He will park on the driveway for a few nights! 

Mark cooked a delicious stuffed chicken dinner for us all. Rick brought a bottle of scotch which livened up the party considerably. 

After dinner, we sat on the dock for a while and apparently had another scotch.

Do you recognize the yellow hat?


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