Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Good morning (just!) Mark and Wayne installed a scare light on the upper path while I repainted devil rocks at the dock's picnic table. It's a gorgeous day!

Robbie and BeeZee liked poking about on the rocks. 

Nose in the water 💦 ... fearless Mz Bee. 

Ha! It's the same temp here as at home. Crazy. 

At 4 o'clock I was prepping dinner when Wayne stuck his head in Chippy's door to call for ice and mix ... it's happy hour! 

We had many laughs at happy hour and watched the neighbor's boats coming in from afternoon adventures. It was a perfect day! After happy hour, we all went to feed and walk our doggies. At 6:15, Sue and Wayne arrived ready for Chinese food night. I made stir fried rice noodles with vegetables, Mark made teriyaki chicken and jasmine rice. We've decided no dessert for awhile as we are getting too phat. 😱  Wayne was in the mood for Mexican dominoes, so we tidied up and headed up the path to play in the screen room. Meanwhile, Donna and Dennis phoned to invite us all for dinner on Wednesday night. YeeHaw, super fun! Wayne phoned to see what we could bring, but Donna said "nothing." Ha, we'll think of something! 

Mark was the winner of Mexican dominoes, by a longshot. He won 9 hands in a row! (Who's the man?) I had so many tiles on one hand that super-Wayne had to add them for me! 

By 10 o'clock we were back at Chippy's Hollow to walk to walk the Scotties. Three different wolves have been spotted right around our cottage. Yikes! Aroooooo ... 😳

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  1. Soooo enjoying sharing in your adventures!!! Sounds like you are having a restful vacation...Miss you!!