Saturday, July 1, 2017

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Happy 150th Birthday Canada 🇨🇦 ... 

We had loads of laughs with Les and Lynn last night with our RV dinner party. Plans were to sit outside, but we were rained out. Alas, it's raining again today. There are dozens of Canada Day activities going on at the Harborfront so that's where we shall go! 

Well, we are out driving around and amazed at the hardiness of the Canadian people. 75% are wearing shorts, sleeveless tops and flip-flops like it's 90°, but, it's only 58°F. Perhaps I was like this at one time? Today, I am wearing long warm pants, T-shirt and Kenora dinner jacket. 


Anyway, we needed some parts for our barbecue and tried to get them at Walmart, no luck, but did at Canadian Tire. 

Harbourfront fountain and Whitecap pavilion ... downtown Kenora in background. 

TransCanada Highway through Kenora ... fun hauling the RV down these streets. 

So we sat outside, Mark smoked a cigar as we drank wine and listened to thunder in the distance. Robbie and Belize got new squeaky toys today and were happily playing. Later we watched a horribly sappy "western," allegedly a true story; but, no one could be that dumb and survive. Ha!

That's it til tomorrow. 😂

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