Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Good morning 🌞! At 9:15 we picked up Sue and Wayne and went for breakfast. Our usual waitress was there, no small talk, just efficient service of a good breakfast. Afterwards, we all went to Canadian Tire for a new ladder that was onsale. Mark and I bought a few things for Chippy's; aqua blue bathmat set, shower stall caddy, flexible cutting boards, a stainless 2 quart pot (on sale) and a zapper fly swatter! Ka-Ching! That's a great store, love it. 

Today Kyle and Gavin arrive for a week at the cottage! There will be lots of fishing, boat rides and after-dinner games. 👍🏻

At 4 o'clock, we met on the dock for happy hour. It was pretty hot; we watched the neighbors' children learn to waterski; they look to be about 6 years young! 

Mark, Sue and Wayne with Shorty Hot Pants on the dock. 

It was Sue and Wayne's night to cook. We were waiting for Kyle and Gavin to arrive and put brats on the barbecue at 6:15. Shortly after, Kyle phoned to say they couldn't get a ride until tomorrow morning. Sue, Wayne, Mark and I played crazy eights count down to freshen our minds before the boys arrive and want to play. (It's supposed to be a quick game, but after having gin at happy hour we weren't very quick!) 🤣

Cocktails, pre-dinner at Big Bear's ... it's all fun 'n games here. 

It was dog grooming evening so we headed back to our cottage at nine-ish. Tomorrow, it's washy-Monday as we have nothing to wear; and shopping for dinner items. Ta Ta til tomorrow. 

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