Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Hey hey hey it's been an odds 'n sods day. Mark helped Wayne put the stained glass windows into the boathouse and replace the weatherstripping along the overhead doors. There's much to be done on this huge lakefront property. (Yes, they've hired help here 'n there, but there's more work than available workers, it seems.) 

Sue worked prepping for Darlene's visit Sunday and Monday night while I cleaned Chippy's and aired the rugs in the sunshine. That done, we're going to Jim's for a visit tonight. We should have been boating ... it was a beautiful afternoon. 

About 730 we went to visit Jim at his beautiful lodge. He's still recovering from knee replacement surgery and an infection but is delighted to be at his cottage. 

Mark took this panoramic picture of Sue, Jim, Wayne and I sitting at his outside fireplace overlooking Clearwater Bay. It was a beautiful evening in the 70s and we watched some boats cruising by. 

Mark and me on the upper deck off the dining room. Yes, the flower pots are THAT big! 

Here's 2nd floor bridge which overlooking the living room below. Beautiful view ... sorry it's "whited out" in this picture. 

We came inside to the living room and enjoyed more lively conversation (and wine!)

The floors are gorgeous! 

The front portico's eagle carving. 

Jim's home was a featured build on Timber Kings. It's magnificent. If you're interested, it's the Lake of the Woods, Ontario series. 

This pic was taken when the home was nearing completion. Living room looking upstairs to bedrooms. 

Well, it's now 1130 and it's just Robbie and I still awake. Ta Ta til tomorrow. ❤️

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